OLXA New Partners!

Dear OLXA Family!

We are so delighted to have you on board and we are ready to surprise all our fans every week!

We are proud to serve more than 50,000 Family Member!

OLXA is delighted to provide advanced services to the crypto community locally and globally and is ready to expand with more partners; that’s why we are welcoming new partnerships any where any time especially that provides more services and facilities to OLXA Family members.

If you are a business minder, business owner, company, website owner, association or exchanger, feel free to contact us today at partners@OlxaCoin.com with partnership details and OLXA Team is ready for expansion.


OLXA proves to the world its clear desire to embrace the cryptocurrency market with stability and credibility as a fundamental element of its growth and user focus strategies.

Join OLXA on Telegram today at https://t.me/OlxaCoin

OLXA ICO Round1 starts on March 1st at 4pm UTC, visit https://www.OlxaCoin.com/#ico for more info.


Thank you for being one of our global supporters, 

Wish you all success,


  1. Michele Lazarus Lazarus
    Michele Lazarus Lazarus

    February 26, 2018 at 12:31 am - Reply

    Thank u so much and I can’t wait till the advertising program starts!!! And video watching!!! Take care, Michele lazarus

    1. OLXA Coin
      OLXA Coin Post author

      February 27, 2018 at 9:20 pm - Reply

      Thanks Michele for your wonderful feedback and welcome to OLXA Family.
      Get Ready for OLXA ICO Round1 starts on March/1/2018 at 4 pm UTC.
      Wish you all success,
      OLXA Team

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