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OLXA Coins and the funding of Crowd-projects

In this digital world, the monetary system is really changing, the popular is now being replaced by improved systems that make transactions easier and safer. Crypto currency is the evolving new form of money. The mechanism of OLXA Crowd-Projects came into existence to help companies and individuals fund their projects in an easy and an efficient way.

What is the important aspect of using OLXA Coins?

The most important aspect of OLXA coin is the ability of its transaction being processed through the Ethereum Blockchain technology that allows the developers to program their own smart contract and are able to function as a multi-signature account so that funds are spent only when the required number of people agrees.
It can also be able to manage agreements between users, and can store information about an application. This technology is the best option in the 21st century for both online and offline combined services.

OLXA coins provide a safe and easier way to transact between businesses or even buying products and services online besides having an opportunity to provide to Crowd projects in various fields such as Engineering, E-commerce, supply chain and education technology.

OLXA Crowd-Projects

OLXA Group has ultimate ambitions of establishing a technological world through the launch of several OLXA projects in Electrical engineering, e-commerce, supply chain and education technology. Projects from several fields are funded through a mechanism called crowd funding using OLXA coins.

A) Electrical Engineering projects

Electrical engineering is an engineering department where you have to know everything about Electrical and electronics. The OLXA group are going to offer an investment opportunity with OLXA coins to enter these projects and gain profits all together. The group is building a decentralized crowd-funding platform where everyone can contribute into profitable engineering projects. The project will be described, submitted and published to the whole world.

Anybody who will like the idea and they are OLXA coins holders, they can instantly contribute to the building of these projects using their OLXA coins and all the funds created go to fund the project.  When these projects are implemented and sold to the world, the profit there after will be distributed equally to all the people who contributed. There are various top rated projects in this field which can and have been developed through this platform such as:

  • Wireless Mobile Chargers
      This is an amazing technology that allows mobile charging over short distances without using cables. It has reduced the tiresome work of plugging and unplugging cables in the circuit each time you want to charge your mobile device. The manufacturing, importing and exporting of Wireless mobile chargers is a profitable investment opportunity that OLXA coin holders should consider. 
      OLXA group together with their able partners are considering manufacturing wireless mobile chargers and selling them to the global market. OLXA has several partners and each of them works in different professional fields. One of them works in manufacturing and selling this wireless mobile chargers. Therefore OLXA coin holders will be able to invest in this business using their OLXA coins and later get huge profits in return.


  • Nano Stations
      This is the best data solution that any business or an individual should think about. A nano station M5 has a maximum transmission speed of about 300mbps which allows it to serve multiple devices at one point. OLXA group has a partner who imports and exports Nano stations and hence are collaborating to establish a perfect business team.
      With contributing to crowd-projects, OLXA group is going to offer an investment opportunity with OLXA coins to enter in this project and gain profits step by step. The investment opportunity will be available to all OLXA investors and hence should contribute to flag the project high. The business will raise a huge profit that will later be distributed to the investors.


nanostation-OLXA-CrowdProject-Cryptocurrency-contribute and earn
  • Renewable Energy Applications
      These are those appliances and products that help conserve the renewable energy. Appliances such as wind energy appliances, solar energy appliances, nuclear energy appliances are made to conserve energy and ensure customer satisfaction.
      OLXA team is looking forward to maximize these profitable business projects and manufacture their own OLXA products and appliances. The investors will contribute towards the manufacture, import and export of renewable energy appliances using their OLXA coins and eventually the profit will be distributed to them according to the ratios of investment.
      OLXA coins can also be used as a mood of payments when purchasing any of the OLXA products and appliances.


renewable energy application OLXA CrowdProject Cryptocurrency contribute earn

B) E-Commerce projects

This is a technology that allows buying and selling of goods and services through the Internet. OLXA has ambitions of establishing their own on-line store where they will be selling their own manufactured products, appliances and services together with those manufactured, imported or exported by their able partners. Through the OLXA smart E-shop, you can be able to use your OLXA coins to purchase products and services available in the platform.

On-line stores make a huge profits and hence those OLXA coin investors who will invest will be submitted to profits that will make them smile. The profits will be distributed properly among Rewards, valuable product manufacturing such as projectors and white boards, future beneficial projects, and their partners in business.

Many people will ask why OLXA has decided to invest on a crypto E-shop, just think about this, on-line retail shops in the fiat money world make huge profits and are dominating the on-line market on our page: Crypto E-shop

The OLXA group have had a very sophisticated analysis of on-line market and the existing on-line retail shops and came up with the idea to implement the same. All this effort is to give the best services and the best profitable investment to the holders of the OLXA coins. Now, this is the whole idea behind OLXA group considering establishing an on-line retail shop. Anybody can make purchases using their OLXA coins just like they use fiat money on Amazon, Alibaba and eBay

e-commerce OLXA CrowdProjects Cryptocurrency contrinute and earn profits

C) Supply Chain Projects

This is a field that deals with how a good moves sequentially through the manufacturing process until it is delivered to the user. An increasing number of individuals is investing on OLXA coins day by day despite the fact that it requires due diligence and a correct timing.  The speed at which blockchain is approaching is so fast and the failure to consider all the opportunities that comes with it especially in the supply chain may be fatal to most businesses.

The process of making payments between the manufactures and the suppliers has become tiresome and cumbersome at the same time. The transactions must be handled by lawyers and government which means an additional cost to the business. The transactions once done cannot be traced back and hence the process can be hectic. Thanks to the OLXA coins all these problems are solved. OLXA uses a technology that operates with no central authorities or banks which means that it is an open-source and nobody owns or controls it.


supply chain OLXA CrowdProject Cryptocurrency coin market
  • The Black Friday
      The black Friday is entirely free for merchants to participate and list their deals. This ensures that all the merchants can buy all sorts of things including the cryptocurrency hardware wallets, t-shirts, honey, arts, books etc. using the cryptocurrency. It also offers room for merchants who want to offer their goods and services in exchange for digital money. Media market Spain is also selling Bitnovo through the bitcoin black Friday that allow users to purchase cryptocurrencies and hence helping merchants connect to the growing and vibrant global market.
blackfriday-OLXA-Cryptocurrency supplychain crowdproject
  • Smart Inventory Management Systems
      With this, you are able to trace and track functions of your inventory such as orders, sales, inventory levels and deliveries which can be used to save on time, energy and resources. Blockchain technology introduces transparency in the supply chain management and creates an opportunity for participation. With OLXA, there is a secure record of exchange and hence they can track who handled what product at what time.
global-supply-chain stock management OLXA Cryptocurrency CrowdProjects
  • Paying for services on the go using OLXA Coins
      Transactions using OLXA coins are irrevocable, this means that any completed and confirmed operation cannot be revoked. This means that the only way to get your money is to enter into an agreement with the receiver to get it reimbursed. You need an OLXA wallet to pay for goods and services. If you have decided to use bitcoins to pay for goods and services such as foods and drinks, car wash and mobile chargers or any other electronics, you just need to look for a store that accepts OLXA coins.
Crypto pay on the go -OLXA Crowd Projects cryptocurrency contribute and earn

D) Education Technology

OLXA group is providing a big investments opportunities that will see all the OLXA coin holders make huge profits in their investments. The group is considering manufacturing products and appliances and selling them to the larger world using OLXA coins. The profits will later be distributed to the investors according to their ratio of investment. The group is partnering to provide some school materials and appliances such as:

Education technology OLXA Cryptocurrency Crowd Projects contribute and profit2
  • Interactive White Boards
      OLXA group will launch an investment opportunity to all the OLXA coin holders and any interested investor can contribute towards the manufacturing, import and export of these interactive white boards used in classrooms at all levels, in corporate board rooms, in training rooms, in broadcasting rooms among many others.
      The group is working in collaboration with several other partners to manufacture their OLXA Smart interactive boards and export them to the rest of the world.  Hence the group will also venture in shiping interactive smart white boards and make a lot of money to the OLXA backup project investors.
Interactive White Boards Education Tech OLXA CryptoCurrency Crowd Projects Contribute and earn
  • Medium Throw and Ultra-Short Throw Projectors
      The investors will contribute their OLXA coins towards the manufacturing and shipping of new and used projectors. By so doing, the OLXA group will multiply the investors’ capital and eventually divide it to all the people who contributed towards the project.
      OLXA group also has a big partner who is working in education technology and has an excellent long-term business with many trademarks just like Promethean, Epson, Hitachi, Toshiba, Ricoh, Sony, Sanyo and many more.
ultra-short-throw-projector OLXA Cryptocurrency Crowdprojects contribute to global business trades
  • Video Conferencing Hardware Modules
      The OLXA Group will be making, offering and shipping video conferencing equipments at an affordable prices which allow multiple participants at multiple locations to transmit. This investment idea will be a viral investment making millions of dollars to the contributors within a very short period of time. Those OLXA coin investors who will be fortunate enough to contribute to this project will make huge benefits.
Video Conferencing Hardware OLXA Crowd Projects cryptocurrency contribute and earn

OLXA Feedback

  Despite the reactions against the cryptocurrency era, a country like Japan has already made bitcoin the official legal means of payment. This news really attracted investors who have been investing in the currency. This is actually what made Bitcoin and other coins such as OLXA coins grow rapidly attracting a large number of investors. Other countries like Ukraine, United Kingdom, Nigeria and South Africa have really shown great interest in incorporating this technology in their payment industry.

  OLXA group is recruiting a community of deal hunters to invest in their backup projects. The participants are rewarded with monetary incentives proportional to their individual contribution divided by the total contribution of the community.The individual profits generated will be transferred to each contributor’s electronic wallet where they can be able to access them and do their day to day transactions or they can choose to reinvest on another project of their own.

There are several benefits accompanied with investing in OLXA crowd projects some of which include;

  • Expected gains are more than expected losses-You can expect that any project you invest on will have a positive return within a reasonable investment time.
  • Potential medium and long term returns-Investing in these OLXA crowd projects will generate significant growth potential to yourOLXA coins. The group will reward you with a shared profit according to your contribution.
  • Provide a regular income- The profits will be shared on regular basis and hence contributing to these projects can assure you a regular income paid in terms of OLXA coins.
  • Investing according to your financial ability and willingness- It is optional to invest in these crowd projects and you can also invest any amount according to your financial ability. The investment opportunity is not limited to huge pockets investors but to anyone who is willing and able.
  • Easy to invest- OLXA group has made it easy for any OLXA coin user to access, analyze, decide and invest in their backup crowd projects. As such, you can invest in them and use the interest gained to do your daily transactions.

Any OLXA user can choose wisely the project to contribute to and be able to attract awesome profits. Whether you choose the engineering projects, cryptocurrency freelancing projects, education technology projects and any other, all of OLXA backup projects are equally profitable.


This service is considered a breakthrough in the cryptocurrency market that reveals a clear desire of the OLXA Group to embrace the cryptocurrency market with stability and credibility as a fundamental element of its growth and user focus strategies.

OLXA Crowd-Projects will be available after the ICO, kindly check our roadmap for more details.


  1. Tazul Islam
    Tazul Islam

    January 29, 2018 at 6:53 pm - Reply

    Huge project

    1. OLXA Coin
      OLXA Coin Post author

      January 29, 2018 at 9:58 pm - Reply

      Thanks Tazul for your wonderful feedback and welcome to OLXA Family.
      For each project, we are going to announce the contribution min. and max., the profit percentage with the duration and all details.
      Keep tuned with us after the ICO is completed to easily contribute to any project you choose.
      Feel free to join our Telegram Group:
      Wish you all success,
      OLXA Team

  2. Sanjeev Gupta
    Sanjeev Gupta

    January 29, 2018 at 9:00 pm - Reply

    Yeah I think Project is good but I am having some querry about how much rvenue you people will gnerate if u will get this much fund as cryptocurrency is also relative to market and market risk so further u can take some loan or debt to increase further the market and book value of your Project.

    1. OLXA Coin
      OLXA Coin Post author

      January 29, 2018 at 9:57 pm - Reply

      Thanks Sanjeev for your wonderful comment and welcome to OLXA Family.
      For each project we are going to announce the contribution min. and max., the profit percentage with the duration and all details.
      just keep tuned with us after the ICO is completed to easily contribute to any project you choose.
      Wish you all success,
      OLXA Team

  3. Teodora Babierra
    Teodora Babierra

    February 1, 2018 at 7:27 am - Reply

    Be OLXA ♥ Be HAPPY

    1. OLXA Coin
      OLXA Coin Post author

      February 1, 2018 at 11:53 am - Reply

      Thanks Teodora for your wonderful feedback and welcome to OLXA Family.
      We are so delighted to have you on board.
      Feel free to join our community on Telegram:
      Wish you all success,
      OLXA Team

  4. Burak Tatlıal
    Burak Tatlıal

    February 12, 2018 at 8:40 pm - Reply

    Nice project. i wish you a great future.

    1. OLXA Coin
      OLXA Coin Post author

      February 12, 2018 at 9:26 pm - Reply

      Thanks Burak for your wonderful feedback and welcome to OLXA Family.
      Feel free to check OLXA Latest News at
      OLXA Team

  5. Asiya Rabiu
    Asiya Rabiu

    February 14, 2018 at 9:08 pm - Reply

    This is very amazing. Wishing oxla good luck

    1. OLXA Coin
      OLXA Coin Post author

      February 15, 2018 at 7:23 pm - Reply

      Thanks Asiya for your wonderful review and welcome to OLXA Family.
      Wish you all success,
      OLXA Team

  6. Ольга Яковлева
    Ольга Яковлева

    February 15, 2018 at 3:27 pm - Reply

    Возможно ли обменять OLXA на Dollars? Как это сделать?

    1. OLXA Coin
      OLXA Coin Post author

      February 15, 2018 at 7:27 pm - Reply

      Спасибо, Ольга за прекрасный комментарий и добро пожаловать в семейство OLXA.
      Вы можете обменять OLXA на доллары через Exchangers после того, как OLXA будет зарегистрирована на биржах.
      Желаю вам всех успехов,
      Команда OLXA

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