OLXA ICO Round1 is LIVE!

Dear OLXA Family!

We are so delighted to have you on board.

  According to the OLXA Roadmap and our ICO Schedule, We are so delighted to say:



Now you have the opportunity to early purchase/own/hold OLXA Coins and receive them with the Bonuses and Rewards within 48 hours into your ERC20 Ethereum Wallet.

ICO-Round1 is available now
and ends Once 300 M OLXA are sold!
with special +40% Bonus!.

  OLXA Decisions towards its delighted members have never been done before in the CRYPTO MARKET.

Participation details:

1- The ICO Round1 is a special Days ICO hosted only for our kind members that would like to buy, own and hold the OLXA Coins before anyone in the world. More info available at https://www.OlxaCoin.com/#ico

2- There is a special bonus +40% more OLXA Coins on each purchase
and the payments accepted are: BitCoin BTC, BitCoinCash BCH, Ethereum ETH, LiteCoin LTC, Dash Coin DASH, VergeCurrency XVG, DogeCoin DOGE and more.

3- The Minimum investment would be triggered at $120.
                               Each $120 = 10,000 OLXA + 40% Bonus
                                                 = 10,000 OLXA + 4,000 Bonus
                                                 = 14,000 OLXA

Example: if you would like to invest 1 Ethereum, How to do it?

Let’s say 1 ETH = $1,200
That means: $1,200 / $120 (minimum invest.) = 10 times in the Cart.
Then you should place number 10 in the cart
which represents the quantity of $120 pack 10 times and you would
receive: 10 X 14,000 =  140,000 OLXA (including the special bonus).

4- Any amount of OLXA Coins available inside your account from rewards will be sent to you with your order, in the same transaction, within 48 hours of your purchase.

5- In your order checkout page, you will be asked to write your ERC20 Ethereum Wallet Address (We recommend using MyEtherWallet).
Kindly fill that right because we cannot reverse a transaction.

We will send you the amount of OLXA Coins you purchase, with the amount of OLXA Coins available inside your account from rewards in the same transaction to your Ethereum Wallet (we recommend using MyEtherWallet) within 48 hours of your purchase.


How to Buy?

  1. Login your account NOW.
  2. Click on ACCOUNT in the top header
  3. Scroll down till you can see the OLXA Coin with the Buy Button
  4. Click on BUY and Follow the process

or go directly to https://www.OlxaCoin.com/shop and then click on the OLXA Photo Product and continue the easy process.

Our special Telegram group for all our kind family members is here: https://t.me/OlxaCoin


  OLXA reveals a clear desire to embrace the cryptocurrency market with stability and credibility as a fundamental element of its growth and user focus strategies.

  Get Ready! 

  Keep tuned for more news
  OLXA Team


  1. Francis Kutin
    Francis Kutin

    March 24, 2018 at 1:35 pm - Reply

    How can I withdraw when I get the 500 points

    1. OLXA Coin
      OLXA Coin Post author

      March 25, 2018 at 11:04 pm - Reply

      Thanks Francis for your feedback and welcome to OLXA Family.
      You can withdraw your Free Rewards Coins after the ICO is completed
      or with your order if you are going to purchase OLXA Coins during any of the ICO Stages.
      Wish you all success,
      OLXA Team

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