OLXA and BFMbusiness with Frédéric Oudéa in France

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We are so delighted to have you on board to share the latest news especially the competition in synchronizing the Cryptocurrency Market with Fiat Currency Market through OLXA Services specifically for the OLXA Innovative Letter of Crypto Credit through the Ethereum Blockchain Technology ! 

  The France Economic and Business continuous info TV Channel  “BFMBusiness” during their press meeting on January 30th 2018 with Mr Frédéric Oudéa, The CEO of  Société Générale Bank (one of the most successful banks in France), discussing the idea of how “financing of international trade is now archaic, with paper, and operational risks”.

Then Mr Ouéda declared that implementing The LETTER OF CREDIT through the BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY will provide “INSTANT information and GUARANTEE of well proceed transfers distributed among all users in a MORE SECURE way and LESS COSTLY than today”


Taking into consideration while this meeting was being recorded for future studies, OLXA GROUP had already launched THE INNOVATIVE LETTER OF CRYPTO CREDIT through the Ethereum Blockchain Technology and OLXA community was celebrating on the same date for INITIATING AND COMPLETING THE 1ST LETTER OF CRYPTOCREDIT TRANSACTION IN THE WORLD.

Looking at the official OLXA Account on Twitter @OlxaCoin , We can see here the Celebration of this momentum while achieving this revolutionary blockchain success together, demonstrating such a wonderful community family members. 

 Back to BFMbusiness at their official twitter channel @BFMbusiness to check their press meeting video about the letter of Crypto Credit, you can check that video here.

OLXA proves to the world its clear desire to embrace the cryptocurrency market with stability and credibility as a fundamental element of its growth and user focus strategies.

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