OLXA is listed now on the B-EX io Exchange!

Hello OLXA Family!


OLXA has just been listed on the Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange “B-Ex io”.

B-Ex bitcoin trading exchange supports variety of digital asset spot transactions, including bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, olxa and other online purchase and sale through its live trading platform.

B-Ex is one of the most active Centralized Exchanges in the mean time,  facilitates trades that occur in the B-Ex Platform, provides live quick support, launches some new exchanging and trading features and in the mean time : B-Ex io Exchange Fees cut by a good % for a limited time only!


Why OLXA is proud of being listed on B-Ex io Centralized Exchange?

Let’s take a quick look with OLXA Team on The concept of centralized exchanges contravenes every founding principle of crypto — decentralization, anonymization, and security.

Centralized Exchanges are not decentralized such as B-Ex IO Exchange — you don’t hold the keys, which means you don’t hold your coins. They’re not anonymous. And it requires good team and live support as well as full responsibility and transaperability from the employees working on that exchange to provide the safe, secure and transparent transactions, trades, deposits and withdrawals.

This is where decentralized exchanges (DEXs) come in: anonymous, secure, and trustless. With fully decentralized exchanges, funds or tokens such as OLXA ERC20 Ethereum Token are deposited into a smart contract, instead of being directly deposited in an exchange.

OLXA is proud of being listed on the Centralized Exchange “B-Ex IO”

Feel free to trade OLXA in the available pairs:

OLXA-ETH at https://b-ex.io/page/trade.html?mk_type=ETH&trade_coin_name=OLXA


Feel free to read the OLXA Listing Announcement on B-Ex IO Website
at https://b-ex.io/page/notice.html?id=12


We promised to start listing OLXA on many exchanges step by step and we have more incredible news to share with you by the end of this month!


With OLXA – The Sky is the Limit!


OLXA is proud of having more partners and we welcome all partnership requests through our e-mail at partners@olxacoin.com


  OLXA reveals a clear desire to embrace the cryptocurrency market with stability and credibility as a fundamental element of its growth and user focus strategies.


Thank you for being one of our global supporters, 

  Keep tuned for more news
  OLXA Team

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